Phone & Laptop Tags

All of our devices emit chaotic frequencies that can have severe effects on the human body. The Tesla’s Phone & Laptop Tags have been designed to neutralise the chaotic frequencies that these devices emit, making them compatible with the human body. This will help us stay high vibe & thrive, even while operating our devices for long periods of time.



Tesla’s Phone Tag Set havs been developed for mobile phones, cordless telephones and bluetooth devices. These devices emit chaotic patterns that can cause headaches, fatigue, lethargy, memory loss, nausea, dizziness, depression, arteriosclerosis and memory loss. The Phone Tags alter the transmissions to and from the antenna of the phone, making the mobile phone biologically harmonious with the user and anyone nearby.

Each pack comes with 2 tags, and if you are using a device that has both wireless and bluetooth (all modern smart phones) two phone tags will be required, one to be placed on each of the built-in antennas of the phone (please see manual that comes with your purchase). These Phone Tags have an indefinite life of effectiveness and can be transferred from one phone to another one. Comes with double sided tape and are ready to easily be fitted.




The set consists of:

⦁ Set of Four Tags
⦁ Size 15mm diameter each
⦁ Thickness 1mm each
⦁ Colour Silver

The Tablet and Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has been developed for Tablets and Laptops specifically. This new tag set is a powerful solution to the many devices that humans are using daily, that are generating Electro Magnetic Frequencies that are believed to cause damage to our DNA. This is amplified not only when these devices are turned on and in use, but especially when they are in physical contact with the human body.

The emissions from these devices cannot be felt or seen, however some side effects from using tablet/laptop include headaches, blurry vision, brain fog and lethargy. The Tags are positioned one in each corner of the tablet or laptop, and spreads its energy equally on both sides – also both the upper and lower body from where the device is held. This helps counteract any chaotic and damaging frequencies that are emitted from your devices.

The Tablet & Laptop Tags look similar to phone tags, however, are not focused like the Phone Tags. Each Tag Pack includes a Set of four (4) Tags which are necessary for one device. These tags are NOT sufficiently effective for use on mobile phones, and should be used on Tablets & Laptops only.

Just like the phone tags, the Tablet & Laptop Tags come with double sided tape and are ready to easily be fitted. They have an indefinite life of effectiveness and can be transferred from one device to another.