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EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating away from man-made alternating electrical current. EMF radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks and buses, overhead tram and train lines, as well as from our solar system.

IR (Ionising Radiation)

such as x-ray can be strong enough to break down atoms. Electrostatic, electric, magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves are classed as non-ionising radiation. Science now acknowledges many things that are invisible to the senses and once considered harmless. Radioactivity, microwaves, x-rays etc are now commonly known to be harmful, and communication systems & electricity have become part of our lives so much that it can be hard to question their unseen effects.

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)

is a term used to describe invisible forms of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere. Some common forms of EMR include TV and radio waves, microwaves, radar, x-rays etc. These frequencies are classified as ‘chaotic frequencies’ which are stressful for the human body.


Electricity & Humans

No human has yet lived an entire lifetime (70+ years) surrounded by the electrical appliances and communications networks that we have today. At present our society considers all these things ‘essential and irreplaceable’ (both economically & politically), to the extent that we cannot objectively judge the effects that these man-made non-ionising electrical fields/radiations have on our bodies.

Water, which contains minerals is a very efficient conductor of electrical energy. The human body, consisting of approximately 75% water, is a proficient collector and conductor of electrical frequencies. And just as TV and radio reception can be affected by external electrical interference, so too can our bodies. Human beings have a very delicate electrical system, which can be interfered with by our electrical surroundings. This interference can contribute to severe energy imbalances within our bodies, possibly even leading to disease. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of electricity, knew how harmful it would be to human beings, therefore he also invented the antidote to combat some of these effects.


Nicola Tesla 1856 - 1943

Nikola Tesla was one of the worlds greatest scientist, inventor and mechanical engineer who invented the 20th century. He is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current, the electricity supply system we have today. Tesla invented radio, fluorescent light, microwave, remote control, x-ray, radar, hydro power generators, rotary engines, Tesla coil just to name a few, and he also knew how damaging his inventions would be to mankind. For this reason, Tesla also invented the antidote to counteract the effects of the harmful frequencies that his inventions would emit, that would in turn support our bodies to live in harmony in EMF/EMR compromised environments.

Nikola Tesla was a true humanitarian who wanted to gift humanity with free electricity, hence why he invented hydro power generators of which the first one was created at the Niagara Falls. The large banks saw a great financial future in this new AC power Tesla had invented and created, and offered him $3.5 million for all his patents and knowledge, which he refused. Not long after many of Tesla’s laboratories were suddenly burnt down.

In 1912 Tesla produced what he called 'free energy' at his Boulder Colorado laboratory. He demonstrated this to the media by lighting 200 light bulbs 51km (31 miles) away by just screwing the light bulbs into the ground. This electricity would not only be free, but safe, as it was harmonious with our bodies. And now the bankers set about to destroy Tesla and his name.

Nikola Tesla died in 1943 in unusual circumstances. Although most books and information sources will claim he died in his sleep, friends and family claim he was run over by a black limousine as he crossed the road to feed his pigeons, then placed back into his hotel room. This happened only two days before he was set to meet with the President of the United States to explain the damage that his inventions would cause, including the Philadelphia experiment.

Just weeks before Tesla’s death, he handed a young physicist Ralph Bergstresser his paperwork on how to counteract the biological effects of his inventions.  Mr Bergstresser was a great friend and fan of Tesla’s, and with the help of the new information he had been given he discovered how to alter the atomic structure of certain metals and crystalline materials, which he then developed a range of products that are now known as Tesla’s Technologies. These High Vibrational Technologies are a direct descendant from Nikola Tesla, and have been created in conjunction with an original Nikola Tesla machine.


Tesla became the most prolific and remarkable discoverer/inventor of all time. He is the owner of 1600 patents and is the only man to hold several patents in sequential order. Between the years 1870 to 1925 he received 27 different honorary degrees from universities all over the world. Tesla understood how light & pyramid energy work and was known to be obsessed with pyramids. He became known as one of the smartest human beings who has ever lived on our planet.

Understanding Tesla’s High Vibrational Technologies

The Tesla's Plates are originally made of carefully sourced A-grade titanium as a carrier metal due to its pure element. It has a hexagonal crystalline structure, is non-allergenic and the molecular structure is similar to our bone structure. During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy). Just like the pyramids it has the ability to strengthen the human energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

Everything in life is energy and continues to spin in motion, such as humans, electrons, cells, organs, the earth, planets, solar systems and galaxies. These spin rates determine the quality of life. Manmade EMF/EMF radiation disturb these spin rates due to the incoherent and chaotic frequencies they emit, and can have a major impact on our health, energy & wellbeing. Tesla's High Vibrational Technologies are designed to balance spin rates, or as Nikola Tesla referred to as ‘Oscillations’. The process educates the body to combat the harmful and chaotic frequencies from all EMF/EMR and allows us to live harmoniously with them.

Tesla's Technologies also allow our bodies and energy field to naturally sync with the Schumann Resonance, the ‘heartbeat’ of our planet. And as the Earths frequency continues to rise, Tesla’s Plates keep us grounded, aligned and in sync as the cosmic effects continue to take place.

Benefits of Tesla’s Technologies

  • Amplifies energy, frequency & vibration
  • Strengthens the body’s bio energy / auric field
  • Returns all life force to its natural state of living & being
  • Gently aligns us back to the Schumann Resonance (the earths frequency)
  • Helps calm unstable & irritable moods
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improves mental clarity & thinking
  • Helps improve balance & focus
  • Supports your ability to work in your genius
  • Speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Can help reduce mild burns, bruising, inflammation & pain
  • Activates lower brain frequencies to support creativity, clarity & concentration
  • Alters frequencies from EMF’s, geopathic stress, phone towers, satellites, underground ley lines etc, making them compatible with the human body
  • Alters chaotic transmissions from electricity & appliances from incoherent to coherent, creating a sense of peace & calm in your home
  • Helps plants, nature, animals and wildlife thrive in their natural environment
  • Brings water back to its natural state by removing memory. Taste of water will become smooth and clean
  • Supports healers, light workers & practitioners by helping their clients achieve deeper relaxation and energetic states for healing work
  • Brings water back to its natural state by removing memory. Taste of water will become smooth and clean
  • Brings light to our cells and activates natural detoxification
  • Activates pineal gland and allows us to stay connected to our own spirit & higher Self

High Vibe in 5g

As our world continues to evolve, so does technology and the radiation that it emits. In the past we used to be able to counteract the effects of EMF/EMR with naturally born things found on the earth, like certain crystals and naturally sourced minerals. As radiation continues amplify, so do the effects and chaotic frequencies we are exposed to every moment of the day. For example, as we transition to a global 5G communication system with no ‘dead spots’ on the planet, this network will not only be connected to the earth but also satellites.

5G is the first communication network to operate in microwaves and is a significant increase from the 4G network that operates in radio waves. This increase is known to be 100x stronger and faster than any other network thus far. Tesla’s 5G Oysters have specifically been developed to combat and counteract the chaotic microwave frequencies from 5G. The Oysters create a harmonious environment and allow us to live balanced, grounded and in alignment with an amplified personal energy matrix.


Tesla's 5G Oyster


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