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High Vibrational Technologies that amplify your frequency and support your body & brain to live in full harmony in EMF/EMR compromised environments – invented by Nikola Tesla himself.

If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of

energy, frequency,



Everything is Energy!

Everything in nature including the human body is made up of energy. The human body itself is like a delicate electrical system, a bio field of energy that spins. Even emotions are classified as energy in motion.

The human bio field holds information that links directly to our meridian pathways as well as all cellular activity in our bodies. This energetic blueprint is responsible for our health, wellness, emotions and experiences.

Furthermore, this allows the DNA of our cells to communicate and create healthy coherence within our bodies.

The Problem

We live in a world filled with toxicity, including the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) that emits Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). This stems both from man-made EMF’s and solar EMR. Man-made EMF’s include all electricity and modern technology such as cell phones, computers, smart meters, wifi-routers, phone towers and 5G. Our homes are also exposing us to alternating current daily that is running through every appliance in our home. Most of us live each day being glued to a phone, computer or car which are also high-level radiation emitters.


While nature is made up of energy that spins, EMF’s such as electrical surroundings, emit artificial chaotic waves that do not spin. This interference can contribute to incoherence and imbalances within our bodies and our energetic field (aura), possibly even leading to disease. Living above underground water or near leylines may also have significant effects on the energetic field.

As our world continues to evolve, so does technology and the radiation that it emits. In the past we used to be able to protect ourselves from EMF/EMR with naturally born things found on the earth, like certain crystals and naturally found minerals. As radiation continues to amplify, so do the effects and chaotic frequencies we are exposed to every moment of the day.


For example, as we transition to a global 5G communication system with no ‘dead spots’ on the planet, this network will not only be connected to the earth but also satellites. 5G is the first communication network to operate in microwaves and is a significant increase from the 4G network of radio waves. This increase is said to be 100x stronger and faster than any other network thus far.

According to the quantum model of reality, we could say that all disease is a

lowering of




The Solution

Teslas High-Vibrational Technologies act like light vortexes drawing photon/tachyon energy (light) into the body or the environment they are placed in. They neutralise chaotic frequencies and bring all living things back into coherence, their natural state of being. When we live in a coherent state all of our cells and systems in the body have the ability to communicate with each other fluently.


Tesla’s Technologies bring life force back into nature and any living being, which in turn activates our bodies natural ability to produce energy and heal itself. As our energetic field is amplified our bodies begin to live in harmony. We return to our natural state of being (nature) and we begin to thrive, even in environments that are filled with destructive frequencies. Tesla’s Technologies act like ‘light antennas’, just like pyramids, allowing us to elevate our frequency and express our true innate nature.


Many people who have experienced these high-vibrational technologies describe them as a sense of ‘home’. The energy and vibration of these plates can be felt by humans as well as animals.

People who are sensitive and conscious of energy feel the difference straight away. Others respond to this energy unconsciously, knowing they simply have a need for it and not fully understanding why.


Tesla’s High-Vibrational Technologies are originally made out of carefully sourced A-grade Titanium, where-after its frequency is altered by moving them through an original Nikola Tesla machine.


The frequency of these plates are altered to align with the frequency of the Central Sun, making them just as potent and unique as the Pyramids in Egypt. As a result of this process the plates also have the ability to turn chaotic EMF frequencies into coherent, meaning they make the frequencies compatible with the human body as well as animals and wild life.


High Vibe Evolutions and Tesla's High Vibe plates have been born as a divine assignment for the goodness of humanity. They are part of a humanitarian mission to amplify our wellness and vibration in a forever evolving world. The higher our vibration stays the stronger our energy, frequency, clarity and immune system will be, as well as our connection to our higher self and zone of genius.


Nicola Tesla

invented the 20th century which is operated by electricity. Tesla was concerned that his inventions would be damaging to humanity, hence why he also invented the antidote to support our bodies to live in full harmony in environments that are filled with chaotic and destructive frequencies of our modern world of technology. Tesla’s High Vibrational Technologies were born as a result of Tesla’s existence and wisdom. This man has been recognised as one of the smartest humans on the planet.


Stay High Vibe & Thrive with the help of Tesla’s High-Vibrational Technologies, and confidently live a life of total clarity, health and wellness.

Benefits of Tesla’s technologies

  • Amplifies energy, frequency & vibration
  • Strengthens the body’s bio energy / auric field
  • Returns all life force to its natural state of living & being
  • Gently aligns us back to the Schumann Resonance (the earths frequency)
  • Helps calm unstable & irritable moods
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Improves mental clarity & thinking
  • Helps improve balance & focus
  • Supports your ability to work in your genius
  • Speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Can help reduce mild burns, bruising, inflammation & pain
  • Activates lower brain frequencies to support creativity, clarity & concentration
  • Alters frequencies from EMF’s, geopathic stress, phone towers, satellites, underground ley lines etc, making them compatible with the human body
  • Alters chaotic transmissions from electricity & appliances from incoherent to coherent, creating a sense of peace & calm in your home
  • Helps plants, nature, animals and wildlife thrive in their natural environment
  • Brings water back to its natural state by removing memory. Taste of water will become smooth and clean
  • Supports healers, light workers & practitioners by helping their clients achieve deeper relaxation and energetic states for healing work
  • Brings light to our cells and activates natural detoxification
  • Activates pineal gland and allows us to stay connected to our own spirit & higher Self

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to raise the vibration & consciousness of our planet by sharing high vibrational products to support the evolution of humanity. We educate on energetic wellness and share transformational technologies that help us Stay High Vibe & Thrive!

Our Values


We are committed to supporting your health and sovereign evolution. We dedicate our mission to awaken your fullest potential as well as your natural genius.

High Vibe Evolutions is a humanitarian mission to bring forth the highest version of each individual, and to live in unity & harmony with one’s true soul frequency. Together, we create a new code for life where abundance is our natural state of being.

Stay high vibe & thrive!

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